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Hidden benefits from opensource

05 Nov 2016 . category: apps . Comments

From open source benefits also people who buy propertiary products

On a free market, the price is determined on competitiveness. If there is none the price is high. Top products can have higher price only for that rate they are better from the competition. If the difference from that price is too high then the competition has a possibility to grow.

Open source is a competitor for paid products also. It lowers total price of every product. It defines a base set of features that should be free everywhere. If top products demand too high price then society wants more to invest in open source tools. The better are open source tools the lower prices have paid products.

What if

What if there would not be any open source? Please, read about Netscape. What Microsoft wanted to do with the internet?
Open source made them loose control of the market. It defended us from higher prices and from big control in private hands.
Modern software market would be a very expensive and hostile if not open source. Even MS Windows has a lot of BSD code in it.

So please, have good words for open source world even if it is not the top quality.


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