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Prioritize Slack channels

03 Aug 2018 . category: apps . Comments
#slack #productivity

Who is this post for?

  • your slack group is big, with a lot of busy channels
  • you don’t react for most of the messages that aren’t direct or are with @here or @channel.
  • you read too many messages which is counterproductive

Too many notifications will make you unresponsive for what has actual value.


Slack got 4-ish priority levels you may set for the channel:

  1. starred - for your obligations and stuff you love to read about
  2. normal - for stuff not very disturbing (slow source or quite important)
  3. muted - for stuff that aren’t your obligations but sometimes you need it or it is nice to grasp what is on-topic once a week/month
  4. not listed - for staff not worth even to see the name of it

By using them completly you will have a clean dashboard where if something happens you won’t miss it and you won’t be distracted by unwanted productivity little killers.


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