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Screen that has no successor

10 Feb 2022 . category: hardware . Comments
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This is a side story on how the industry doesn’t go far from the TV Screens mainstream.

Curved TVs no more

Many years ago curved TVs were discontinued. So with them any similar computer screens. TVs are used from a big distance where curvatures are great to watch from short distances. That’s why the industry made the right decision to stop producing curved TVs.

Split of production lines

As computer displays need the curvatures and TVs not the technologies and fabrication processes development has split. Somehow entertainment was more important than productivity so the Ultra Wide Screens has dominated the proportions of big computer screens on the market. Ultra-Wide is better to watch cinema movies, playing games and video editing.

Without the support of the TV industry, displays like I have: Philips 40 inches in 16:9 propotions can’t be bought as new anymore. Nowadays the biggest 16:9 I’ve seen is 32 inches from Samsung.

Why Big 16:9 ?

A better question is for whom such screen is. For anybody that works with code, with text or on websites. Text and websites prefer more vertical space than horizontal space. With websites it is super important as a high smartphone layout is dominant on the web. Huge 16:9 is most versatile as it can be treated like two big square screens or a single TV Screen. Wide screens can give only more windows on the screen instead of fewer windows with more content in it (while Huge 16:9 serve both needs).

Thank God for the Laptops 3:2 getting more popular so at least one window on them are with proper height.

Hail to BDM4037UW


I feel it’s old and the responsiveness of it is retarded but black and colors are still great, it’s curved, huge (no scaling, like 4x FHD 20 inches without bezels). For work, movies, self-development and casual gaming it still doesn’t have any competition and the used units are many times sold for more money than they were purchased as new.

I wish to see a modern panel with an even bigger size and stronger curvature. Probably I need to wait for 8K to become dominant :(.


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