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Europe culture suffers without a common language

16 Jan 2017 . category: life . Comments
#culture #eu

In theory, the European Union has a common language - English. But in practice, there is no common language for European culture.

I am Polish. I speak Polish, English and a bit German. I don’t know personally any no-english spoken culture of Europe. I can not touch German culture, I can not touch French culture. All I read is in English or Polish.

Unpopular topics I can read about in articles from USA/UK/AU/IN. With those countries, I raise my knowledge of motorcycles, ecology, technology, life and much more. Those countries are so far away from each other and they exchange culture much better than European countries that are so close to each other…

There is no language I can write in to express myself to be understood by my own nation and by my neighbour nations. So do they. It is very sad for me. If you are Polish you write in Polish to get popularity in Poland. It is obvious. Just by it, you limit your scope and developing of European culture.

Different languages have a huge impact in the alienation of Europe. On the long term, the good culture is the highest value we can create. No law will substitute to the culture.

Why so much more innovations and startups happens in the USA and so little in Europe?

Learning a new language to express easily subtle thoughts is a too big effort that average person can take. I see the problem. Do you see it also?

Thank you for your attention, Waldek


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