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My desired working styles

23 Apr 2017 . category: life . Comments

I would like to get accurate offers that make sense to my profile. To help you with that please read those working styles:

0. Common contract

I am still interested in them but they have lower priority.

I. Intensive short contract

100% On-site. Very intensive and very well paid contract. It can be anywhere on the globe. If I am busy mention this style at the first contact attempt.

II. Very intensive 3 weeks & 1 week off

100% On-site. Preferred longer contracts. No remote work required. My favourite style. Posible permanent roles.

For three weeks I am close to your workplace. I do everything needed. I come early and end late. If possible I work during the 6-th day. All this overtime I accumulate to have “a paid like week off”. I also need a break during the day to remain creative (no longer than 30 min. without any interaction).

  • If there would not be enough over-hours I would accept unpaid days off (3 at maximum per month).
  • If it is easier to count then instead of paid days off I agree to a higher daily rate with unpaid week allowance.

III. Partial remote work

1-3 weeks on-site, rest remotely. Posible permanent roles.

IV. Remote work at full-time

Like it is commonly known.

Any mix of above styles

My commitment:

  • During the days off I obligate to be available in case my context would be needed. I will check the messages and to advice if needed.
  • For the possibility of remote intervention, I need to schedule it to have my full equipment close to me.


Me: scala developer, father, husband and motorcyclist ;).