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Short support time for smartphones and tablets is a big problem

22 Aug 2018 . category: os . Comments
#smartphone #windows #android

How long is your support on your phone?

Why I even ask? Do you know that the easiest way to hack your device is just to use already well-known exploits? Each update exposes backdoors to your phone! Hacking an updated system is just too expensive for a regular hacker.

So… how long is your support on your tablet?

  • cheap androids - not supported at all
  • next level androids - 1-year
  • premium Android smartphones - 2 years
  • Google Android smartphones (and some Premium ones with security only patches) - 3 years
  • iPhone/iPad - 3 years for all updates, additional 2 for security updates. But! after the few years the updates seems to slow down your phone…
  • Chrome OS/Book - 5 years
  • Windows 10 - unlimited?

And remember the clocks ticks from the premier not from when you buy it!

What to do with an unsupported device?

  • Use it for some DIY project or load a custom firmware? Who does it? Less than 1% of the population?
  • Sell it to the poorer country? What will they do with it, then?
  • Throw it away? Wasted resources… The hardware is probably still strong enough for most of our activities.

The whole mobile industry seems to be designed against the ecology!

What is my problem

I wanted to have a long living tablet. I have now SG Note 10 2014. A premium 5 years old not supported device… Now I regret the money. The screen is still gorgeous! It’s much better than the basic iPad 2018 9.7! Without support I can do less and less stuff with it and nothing banking related…

I change only my phones every 1-3 years. Tablet… why to change it so often? I don’t use it so much to it wear down.

I’ve checked the new Android tablets. They still got short support. Google seems to forget the Android for the tablets (no new Google tablet since many years)… in flavour to … Chrome OS, Chrome Books, 2 in 1 tablets! They still run Android apps and it is better designed for tablets and has 5 years of support!

But what you may do with a Chrome OS?

Everything popular… but it is still more a netbook than a tablet… and for me personally I do Scala software development, no JDK, IDE possible on it… Chrome OS is for cloud apps. I need some unpopular local apps.

Windows 10?

The time support is the longest possible! Lacks in apps but I could work on it and emulate the Android games… but it’s still a Windows which needs more care to work like on Linux.

A very good solution does not exist

For now, I’ll stick with a laptop with a Linux on it… Waiting for a 16GB 4-core cheap alternative to Surface Pro (why? for better reading screen proportions and mobile screen pivot mode)

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to comment.

And please make a change, look for devices with long term security support.


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