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No DualOS with Intel Optane

10 Sep 2018 . category: os . Comments
#hardware #linux #intel

Intel Optane is a great caching solution for HDDs. It lets you have a fast (almost like SATA SSD) and huge disk space with much longer lifespan than SSDs have. In some stores, it is sold in a cheap package with CPU or/and motherboard.

BUT! it works only on Windows

No Dual-OS booting! It’s just not supported. Not even on completely separate drives!


For a long time, I’ve used Optane with two drives and two OSs. To change the OS I always needed to change an additional setting in the BIOS and reboot to be able to choose the second drive. Probably the alternative bootloader won’t work on one drive for very long.

You were warned.

Still, for a heavy-duty server, Optane might be still a good solution since the Optane won’t wear off.

PS: AMD has it’s caching system working with Linux since the Ryzen 2 release.

Optane explanation by an image


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