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Using ZIO2 Scala3 and more

31 Dec 2022 . category: software . Comments
#scala #fp #scala3 #zio

I wanted to learn basics of ZIO2 and Scala3 so I made a little project for that.



There was no articles on how to use ZIO2, Scala3, Tapir, Doobie, Postgres and Docker.

Most how-to’s where on how to use ZIO1 or Scala2 so I had some challenge to bump all versions and to dig in to the migration guides.

A suprise for me was a custom versioning scheme for interoperability library between Cats and ZIO which was needed to use Doobie. Two newer versions were made for not newest pair of ZIO and Cats versions. Take it in account when using plugins for libs maintenance.

Here you may find how I’ve solved it.



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